Deep in your mind stands the doorway to a mythical, magical place - the Land of Collingwood. Your imagination is the key that unlocks that door...

Tales of the Crystals bills itself as an "imagination game." Today we might call it a "story game" or a "live action role-playing game." It was published by Milton Bradley in 1993. It's a game about girl friendships, cooperation, and the creation and sharing of secrets - themes which are pretty unprecedented in games even now.

The game has been out of print for some time, and complete copies of the game go for huge amounts of money on ebay. This site is an attempt to provide the materials of the game so that it can be reproduced and played.

The game's complete contents, according to the instructions: 60-Minute Audio Cassette, 4 "Crystal" Pendants, 4 "Jewel Crystals," 1 "Spider Crystal," 1 Plastic Heart Box, 1 Plastic Magic Mirror, 5 Location Flags, 1 Wheel of Choices, 2 "Magic Crystal" Powder Packets, 54 Fantasy Cards, 6 Secret Message Cards, 1 Secret Envelope, 3 Label Sheets, 9 Pieces of String.

The box, the crystals, the pendants, the flags - these can all be recreated or substituted. You can use any compact or hand mirror. The "Magic Crystal" powder is just sugar. More critical to the game are the cards and the cassette, which can be downloaded below:

And here are some additional photos of various pieces of the game:

You can find additional photos of game pieces at the BoardGameGeek entry for the game.

Many thanks to Allison for donating a copy of the game (from which I scanned the cards), to Laura Hall for providing additional photos of the pieces I was still missing, and to Tyler Nagel for better scans of the manual. Tales of the Crystals is an important part of game history and I want to ensure it continues to be available to new generations of players and designers.

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