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Escape from Tenopia is a four-part gamebook series created by
Edward Packard, the original Choose Your Own Adventure author.
Packard wrote the first book in the series, Tenopia Island,
while Richard Brightfield wrote the other three.

Maybe inspired by digital games, these books give the player a
map to navigate and cryptic clues from chatty townspeople to
navigate by. Unlike the many-endings format of Choose Your Own
Adventure, the Escape books have one ending each - leading
directly into the start of the next book - and it's well-hidden,
requiring the player to act on information they've gathered and,
often, learn to avoid unseen threats.

There's no way to fail in the books, but the player will face
capture and relocation to another part of the map, often with
little or no warning. In book 2, the weakest of the series, the
world is dotted with invisible pools of danger that mean capture
by interchangable villains and retracing one's steps.

Revisiting places does sometimes provide new information or
options. Though the book is more complex than the simple
branching story of Choose Your Own Adventure books, it avoids
the kind of stat-tracking that makes books like Fighting Fantasy
slog so much: If you arrive at a location you've been to before,
it'll give you an alternate page to turn to. It's easy to
remember whether you've visited a place because the locations
are so distinct and memorable.

There are also maps to consult - just keep your finger in the
page you're on and turn to look at the map. There's a lot of
added complexity here with a minimum of record-keeping.

The series was followed by Escape from the Kingdom of Frome.
The scans here are a mirror of a Pirate Bay torrent, uploaded
by an anonymous scanner.

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Escape from Tenopia 1 Tenopia Island.pdf
Escape from Tenopia 2 Trapped in the Sea Kingdom.pdf
Escape from Tenopia 3 Terror on Kabran.pdf
Escape from Tenopia 4 Star System Tenopia.pdf

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